Swings and DIY Garden Equipments

swings_for_kidsHow to develop a child’s playground in an original way? Swings, teepees, slides and other with the right materials and patience you can achieve remarkable results! Garden equipment to make your own invite themselves in the garden to provide smaller moments of entertainment and great games.

In an era of video games, there is a tendency to say that children no longer play outside and are locked up at home. But the arrival of the first sunny days , it is hard not to enjoy! What is the best way to get more children to play outside? This is to make it more fun! Make a swing or anything else by  yourself is not complicated and more, your child can participate in the creative process. We invite you to discover our craft  gallery ideas  and development for children playground.

Kids love them, parents too!  swings are a must for every area of funny games. Making a swing is a great way to recycle old materials while making a playful object which your children could enjoy long years.

The location of the swing is of great significance for several reasons: comfort, safety and exposure. Usually, install a swing under a tree is a great idea. In this way, it will be in the shade, there is no risk of burns from the sun, the air will be cooler and the tree is solid and durable.

To install the swing under a tree, it must be up and healthy. The branch chosen for hooking your swing should be quite thick, strong and sturdy, with a minimum diameter of 25 cm. Tree types such as oaks and maples are a very good choice.

Making a garden swing for children is not complicated

What length for the rope? The length will depend on the height of the branch you have chosen. In general, the proper height for attaching a swing is between 2 to 3 meters from the ground. It will take between 10 and 16 meters thick rope.
What length for the rope? The length will depend on the height of the branch you have chosen. In general, the proper height for attaching a swing is between 2 to 3 meters from the ground. It will take between 10 and 16 meters thick rope.
There are many materials to choose from for the seat of your swing. This is very important for the comfort and safety of your child. Do not place the swing or too close to the trunk, or the end of the branch. If you build a swing for a young child, opt for branches closer to the ground.

Someone mentioned fun: Five of the best ways to have fun in State Parks

Lake parks can be inexpensive ways to entertain guests at parties, hold your wedding reception and entertain friends. Lake parks, such as Winona, Minnesota have plenty to do though in March and April, the lake lodge is closed. Visitors to their Lake Lodge Center during other times of the year can enjoy hot cocoa and wireless Internet, snowshoe rentals, broomball, ice skating, board games, and warm fires in the winter. Guests can enjoy table tennis, liberty boats, kayaking, canoeing, and bicycles in the summertime.

There are plenty of activities to entertain friends or your wedding party. Guests under 18 must have a guardian sign a waiver and guests under 16 must accompanied by an adult. Guests should also get a membership before heading out in the water. A single membership lasts a year and there are no restrictive days. The best part is children, under age 4, can join for free. Parents are asked to register their children with the lodge staff.

Entertain guests cheaply on a $5 a day pass!

Did you know that state parks, such as Cooper State Lake Park, in Cooper, Texas allows guests room to roam? They can bring their own horse for a trail ride on the Buggy Whip 10.5 mile trail that crosses 600 miles of forest, hillsides, and gulches. There are challenges for an experienced equestrian and guests can spend the day or camp in one of the equestrian campsites that may be accessed near the trail.

Guests can do some geocaching and enjoy waterskiing in this Texas State Park. Rent a pavilion and wedding guests can have a picnic of fresh, fried fish. Did you know you do not need a state license if you fish on the lake shore of a Texas state park? Guests can bring their swimsuit and swim in water during the summer months or hike some of the trails around the lake. In any case, Cooper State Lake Park is a cheap way for party guests – wedding or not – to have fun!

Leave Fido room for to have fun, too!

Pets are not excluded from having fun at some state parks. For example, Silver Lake on Staten Island has plenty of pet-friendly areas for guests to bring their dogs. Boasting 209 acres. There is plenty of room for party guests to run around the lake. Do you and your guests want to engage in a friendly game of basketball or baseball near Silver Lake?

Silver Lake offers sports lovers, of all ages, choices. There are basketball courts, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, football fields, golf courses, and tennis courts. Wedding guests can engage in a one-on-on tennis match or band together in a flag football game. In any case, there is plenty to do at state parks in Texas, New York, Minnesota, and in states across the United States!